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Kecia and Arlene have worked together for years and have long admired each other's strong work ethic and integrity. Pooling their expertise as a team was the logical next step in growing their business while ensuring clients received seamless, expert service. With the Kecia & Arlene Properties Group, there is always someone available to provide responsive support. The team also offers a fantastic mix of strengths and talents to address every need. Kecia is known for her attention to detail and skill with contracts. Arlene is a fantastic negotiator with excellent organizational skills. Buyers' agent Monica Santiago-Petway takes terrific care of home seekers and assists the team's social media. Kyle Emmott, marketing manager and a recent college graduate, keeps everything current and fresh and Len Adams delivers creative marketing assistance and special projects. Morgan Miller, Operations Manager and also a recent college graduate, keeps things organized and oversees all operations.

Led by longtime top producers and passionate Houston residents, The Kecia & Arlene Properties Group is an indispensable resource for buyers, sellers, builders, developers and investors, from first-timers with modest budgets to high net worth individuals seeking luxury properties.

Arlene English

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Monica Santiago-Petaway

REALTOR® Associate
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Kyle Emmott

Marketing Manager | REALTOR® Associate
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